Our Process

Shadow Consultation

Initial Consultation – Personal Needs Analysis

Luma Diamond Consultants (LDC) understands that the selling point of any consultation is the initial face-to-face meeting. That’s why LDC professionals are primed to conduct comprehensive, collaborative consults specifically designed to determine our clients’ wants, needs and wish lists where their gem and jewelry projects are concerned. This personal and imperative part of the consultation process is rendered with the utmost sensitivity and attention to detail as LDC seeks to build trust and confidence with each client. Rather than being a bystander in their jewelry purchase, clients are encouraged to be involved partners in the design and fabrication of their ultimate purchase during this phase of the overall process.
Step 2

From Custom Design to Masterpiece Creation

The phrases “custom-made/custom-design” have been widely misused in today’s jewelry market. By definition, a custom design is one that evolves from a sketched layout drawn according to individual specifications, rather than an experience where one walks into a retail shop and selects a “custom” product from standing inventory. LDC creates 95% of its pieces from a blank canvas that is filled in according to the particular preferences of an individual, couple or group. All jewelry designs are hand-sketched during this phase of production, following the initial prospective client consultation.
Kwesi sketch-Jean_048_sketch_001
Step 3
Cad Image

Precise Construction –3-D Computer Automated Design (CAD)

LDC clients are able to view computer-generated graphics of their gem’s construction via 3-D design renditions prior to the printing and completion of their jewelry piece. LCD’s architectural layout, which includes overhead, side-view, bottom view and pivoting views assures ultimate 100% satisfaction of every custom design. And customers’ online access to their product’s design allows for universal personalized service to each and every client, no matter where in the world they might be.
Step 4

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee: Finished Product Presentation

Client satisfaction is LDC’s top priority and encompasses a full service menu and 24/7 access to all things related to your customized product via LDC’s web portal. Our clients are intimately involved in the creation of their special piece, ensuring a timeless connection to their custom creation.
Step 5

VIP Status Package: Referrals, Follow-up & Cleaning

LDC’s VIP Status Package includes a luminary plan for subsequent cleaning, servicing and exponential client referral reward points, redeemable toward future LDC purchases. It is our company’s goal to maintain an ongoing and rewarding client-consultant services relationship that extends beyond the design and purchase process. Once you become a Luma Diamond Consultants client, it is our pleasure to continue to serve as your personal gem authority, facilitating your present and future jewelry needs, as well as those of your family, colleagues and friends.

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