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Luma Diamond Consultants provides exemplary jewelry services globally via satellite offices throughout the U.S. and in International markets.

Jean Luma

     Your Personal Gemologist
Headquartered in Wilmington, Delaware, Luma Diamond Consultants (LDC) – Owner Graduate Gemologist Jean Luma has emerged as one of the leading diamond industry connoisseurs. His passion for quality promoted the birth of Luma Diamond Consultants, where a team of gemologists, consultants, designers, and bench jewelers help to perfect designs that spare no attention to detail, combining refined artistic form with superior workmanship. An alumnus of the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), a Certified Insurance Appraiser he continues to push for premium quality in every piece created. LDC is registered with the Better Business Bureau and a member of the Jewelers Vigilance Committee. Mr. Luma prides himself on building a firm with quality results and continuously providing design and personal gemology services to his clients since 2001.
What makes LDC Unique...
Luma Diamond Consultants (LDC) is a full service direct client company that specializes in fine jewelry services, customized to your individual needs and specifications. The company, helmed by graduate gemologist and diamond industry connoisseur Jean Luma, has built its reputation on evaluating and acquiring premium gemstones that are then artfully and uniquely designed and crafted into signature jewelry pieces that showcase refined artistic form and superior workmanship. LDC clients can always expect a professional, stress-free, and thoroughly enjoyable shopping experience, where stellar customer service, collaborative input and satisfied customers are given top priority.
About Jean Luma...
Jean Luma, a graduate gemologist, is the president and CEO of Luma Diamond Consultants (LDC), LLC, a precious gem and fine jewelry enterprise headquartered in Wilmington, Delaware. Luma earned his gemology degree from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and is an accredited jewelry professional, certified insurance appraiser and member of the Jewelers Vigilance Committee, Gemological Institute of America Alumni, CIJA Alumni, and is registered with the Better Business Bureau.


Prior to launching Luma Diamond Consultants, LLC, Luma spent over a decade working in human resources capacities with companies such as Federal Reserve Bank of New York, New York University, US Airways and Exelon Corporation. But over time, his intimate knowledge of human nature merged with his personal passion and fascination with gemology, soon resulting in a life-changing and affirming career transition. As a consumer faced with the prospect of purchasing gems, Luma came to realize that the industry had a dearth of gemologists with the interpersonal skills and expertise sought after by the average fine jewelry buyer. His own nine-month quest to find the perfect ring for his fiancée provided Luma with the perfect opportunity to learn that only a skilled gemologist was in the best position to intelligently square off with a jeweler, speak and understand the language of the industry and purchase the finest gem that his budget would allow. It was this exercise that prompted him to earn his degree in gemology and refusing to fall into the pressures of purchasing a storefront and buying inventory, Luma instead create a niche for himself as a personal gemologist and consultant. His unique approach, which allows him to remain a “free agent,” affords him the ability to choose the most appropriate resource from a network of reputable diamond dealers each time his firm is commissioned to work on a gem project. In this way, Luma can remain neutral and client-focused as he provides customized products and services. “We are not jewelers or salespeople,” says Luma. “We provide unbiased personal consultation and a full-service shopping experience to each and every Since 2001, Luma has emerged as one of the diamond industry’s leading connoisseurs while he continues to educate his ever-growing clientele on the best ways and means of purchasing exceptional diamonds and other precious stones. He has built a reputation as a knowledgeable, reputable, highly skilled and increasingly sought-after designer and expert in the gemstone marketplace. His specialty is searching for, evaluating and designing quality gemstones, timepieces and fine jewelry at the same time that he educates current and potential clients on the intricacies of a fruitful gem buying experience. And in keeping with his passion for gemology and his desire to cultivate knowledgeable consumers, Luma hosts literacy clinics on diamonds, colored gemstones, and precious metals and instructs social groups and business professionals on how to best shop for fine jewelry.


Luma’s technical expertise and industry knowledge equip him with the ability to go beyond gem basics to being skilled at analyzing key stone characteristics to verify overall quality and value for his clientele. Working tirelessly with charities and member organizations focused on the empowerment of the workforce involved in the manual labor involved in mining for precious gems, Luma ensures that each dealer his firm associates with can produce in writing their adherence to conflict-free diamond programs such as the United Nations-mandated Kimberly process, Diamond Development Initiatives (DDI) and The Conflict Free Diamond Council.

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