Luma Diamond Consultants

Luma Diamond Consultants specializes in custom fine jewelry services. The company is dedicated to searching for and evaluating premium gemstones, and designing one of a kind high-end pieces. As a result, clients receive only the finest gems and metals, and unmatched customer service… minus the confusion, stress, and over-pricing of the traditional jewelry shopping experience. Graduate gemologist Jean Luma has emerged as one of the leading diamond industry connoisseurs. His unique designs combine refined artistic form with superior workmanship.

Luma Diamond Consultants (LDC) is a direct client services company that specializes in fine jewelry production services for the individual in search of true individuality, customized from client conception to meet your individual needs and specifications.

The Advantages

Win The Numbers Game

Total depth. Crown height. Length-to-width ratio. Unless you have some training in gemology, it’s likely these terms are foreign to you if you’re an average gem shopper. So if you walk into a typical jewelry store without this knowledge, you start at a distinct disadvantage. While many stones on the market appear on paper to be “ideal,” it’s critical to be able to work the numbers, percentages and other analytics that factor into determining the true quality of a stone before you buy. The professionals at LDC do the legwork and comparison shopping for their clients, so that they can be assured of purchasing the best quality stone their money can buy, every time.

Lab Reports & Certificates

Gemological laboratories such as GIA, AGS, EGL and IGI are in the business of grading gems—not guaranteeing their quality. This is why gems of all quality ranges come with reports. However, these reports are subject to human grading errors and are sometimes falsified or switched by the seller. Having a skilled LDC professional as your gem authority will take the guesswork out of verifying a gem report’s accuracy and validity, ensuring that you do indeed get what you pay for.

Cyber Shopping

Thinking of purchasing gems online? Caveat emptor (``let the buyer beware``)! Many online retailers are nothing more than middlemen—tapping into wholesalers’ inventory databases, marking up gem prices and then passing the inflated cost on to the consumer. This practice of “drop shopping” leaves the retailer to depend only on information provided by a lab report, which doesn’t include the crucial nuances of any given stone. Engaging LDC as your personal gem provider would keep you from falling prey to unscrupulous Internet practices in the gem trade.

The Painting or the Frame?

It’s the gemstone, not the design of the setting, which retains the most value over time for your jewelry. So before you get hyped about the style of your gem, remember that gem designers are focused mostly on the art of crating great designs, not on the science of identifying superior quality stones at optimal prices. With an LDC agent, you get the best of both worlds, as well as advice on how you can upgrade or refresh your setting to enhance your gemstone, the true investment element of any jewelry piece.

Mining Ethics & Responsibility

Africa is the source of 65% of the world’s diamonds. While this natural resource provides a significant revenue stream to the indigenous people of that continent, its trade is also associated with a history of controversy and conflict. LDC takes seriously its commitment and responsibility to inquire as to a diamond seller’s adherence to internationally approved processes, initiatives and programs that have been endorsed and enforced by respected authorities within the trade. LDC upholds this code of ethics and passes this mindset and practice on to its clients.

Commitment to Service

As your personal gemologist, LDC’s service extends beyond simply assisting you with your jewelry purchase. Aside from guaranteeing your jewelry for the lifetime of your gem, LDC with provide information regularly on the proper care for your piece, gemstone setting inspections and industry news relevant to the maintenance of gemstones, jewelry and fine watches—all in an effort to make and keep you an informed consumer and satisfied customer.

The Advantages of the Luma Experience
Your Personal Gemologist

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